1. The statues are viewable in the lobby but as it stands, 7 people have made it to the top of one of the secondary rank ladders!


  2. We are now open!

    We’ve succesfully updated to 1.6.2, come check out all the new changes to find out why it took so long!

  3. We are updating the craftbukkit to 1.6.1 today. With a bit of luck and testing, we’ll be up and ready in a day or so. Stay tuned!

  4. Janbear likes fireworks bukkake all over his [f]ace

  5. [SERVER]: <> Hey look it’s me Susan

    (via mlysza)

  6. Lots of places to build around Mandala City!


  7. like a construction site minus the sexy plaid-clad men

    hiya! please bear with us as we currently remodel the tumblr page.
    html is a bitch.

    as always, please come join us on the server and spread the word to your friends! your neighbors! your countrymen! even that one chick with the donk booty!


  9. Mandala Spawn Entrance Room

  10. Working on new spawn